Why an Awareness Celebration?

To improve the quality of life for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people-Through Awareness

Pride is a matter of identity, and PRIDE events have been a source of reassurance and recreation. Yet, in a world where so few ongoing positive reflections exist for the GLBT Community, AWARENESS of, for and by the community, of its diversity, resources, beauty and access to others and ourselves becomes an imperative.

AWARENESS for the community at large that gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders are their neighbors, friends, relatives, and co-workers. And for those who attend the event, an AWARENESS of the breadth and diversity of the GLBT community as exemplified by the attendees and exhibitors-and from this AWARENESS . . . comes RESPECT.

AWARENESS for the community groups that they exist, and that they have services to offer to the community. By doing so, they have an opportunity to grow and prosper, allowing them to be able to provide more and more services-and from this AWARENESS . . . comes COMMUNITY.

AWARENESS for the GLBT attendees of community groups and the services they provide. Allowing them the opportunity to avail themselves of these services in order to improve the quality of their lives-and from this AWARENESS . . . comes UNITY.

AWARENESS for someone who is still unsure how to incorporate being part of the sexual-orientation minority into their lives in a positive, beneficial way, the event offers a wealth of opportunity for growth. From the many happy people having the time of their lives, to the rich strength and diversity of the many community groups that are part of the whole, to the wholeheartedly participation of corporate America-and from this AWARENESS . . . comes PRIDE.


Thank you for being a part of LA/Valley Pride: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender AWARENESS Celebration!


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